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Logbook Servicing

Yes, we can without a doubt service your new car without affecting your manufacturers warranty.

When it comes to a manufacturers handbook service or logbook service it’s important to understand that your not tied into expensive dealership service.

At Nambour Car Service, we only use either genuine parts or parts that meet the manufacturers specs ensuring that your new car warranty remains intact.

In a manufacturers handbook service (logbook service), the dealer will only look at the areas that they have listed in their schedule.  When we do a logbook service, not only do we follow their schedule, we carry out our own thorough inspection looking at  all other aspects of the vehicle.  If there’s a fault with your new car, you want it picked up before it’s out of new car warranty, and that’s what we look for.

Not only do we offer a more comprehensive manufacturers handbook service, we’re cheaper!

The following is an extract from the ACCC consumer express – September 2002.

Motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required.
Where a problem arises with the vehicle (i.e. other than servicing requirements) that is covered under the warranty, the vehicle should be taken to the dealer for repair.

Qualified staff is a party or parties, other than an ‘authorised dealer’, who is capable of performing car servicing. If an independent agent implies that it can perform general car servicing to manufacturers’ specifications and does not perform that function satisfactorily, then the consumer has rights and remedies against the agent regardless of whether the agent has factory qualifications or not.

Genuine or appropriate quality parts

The issue here is not who manufactured the part/s, it is whether the part/s are fit or appropriate for the purpose intended. If a part is non-genuine, but is interchangeable with the genuine part, it could be seen as being fit or appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void the manufacturer’s warranty. However, it must also be noted that should the part/s installed fail or not perform satisfactorily, the consumer then has rights against the fitter and/or manufacturer of those replacement parts. If the non-genuine part fails, and causes some other damage to the vehicle, the dealer will not be liable for damage caused by the failure of that part.

Provided these conditions are met, the new car warranty should remain intact. Dealers are not, however, entitled to impose conditions beyond this in an effort to restrict trade, or unreasonably require the purchaser to buy services from an agent of their choice.

Dealers are not permitted to limit their obligations under the warranty and refund provisions, or make any representations to this effect, eg. that the warranty is void if the vehicle is not serviced by the dealer or its agent. Provided consumers do research and ensure that wherever they take a vehicle for servicing, the staff are qualified and all other provisions above are met, the warranty will be safely intact for the warranty period.

Vehicle Inspections/Roadworthy (Safety Certificate)

In Queensland, the official title of a road worthy certificate for a vehicle up to 4500 kg GVM is a ‘Safety Certificate’.

Nambour Car Service is an Approved Inspection Station in Nambour, meaning that we can supply you with a Safety Certificate.

When you purchase a registered second-hand vehicle in Queensland it must be accompanied by a Safety Certificate. When registering an unregistered vehicle, you must also supply a ‘Compulsory Third Party’ (CTP) certificate to the Approved Inspection Station for the legal road testing of your vehicle.

At Nambour Car Service, we are committed to road safety meaning that we will never turn a blind eye to an unroadworthy fault. If you find a Safety Certificate signed by Jose Street Auto Centre, you can be certain that your car is road worthy.

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European Vehicle Servicing

Whether you purchased your European car for its performance, its safety features, its sleek look or the way it feels out on the road, Nambour Car Service know how important your car is to you and how important it is to find the right people to service your European car.

Our service advisors will offer you the choice of fitting genuine European parts or equal quality aftermarket part alternatives to keep your Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Volkswagen driving at its best & best of all save you money!

Our highly trained accredited technicians are equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment & will use specific electrical diagnostic equipment, scanners & special tools to ensure your vehicle is serviced and repaired in a timely & efficient manner and to optimise the performance, safety and fuel efficiency of your European vehicle.

The ACCC specifies that any qualified mechanic is able to perform a service on a new vehicle without affecting the warranty as long as it is performed to the manufacturer’s specifications using genuine or approved aftermarket parts of equivalent quality.

We provide full written reports to support any warranty conditions & we are able to discuss with you any future repairs and & prioritise them. We will work with you to create a maintenance plan that suits your lifestyle and financial needs. We also provide a reminder service to ensure your vehicle is serviced according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our competitive labour charges work in your favour too – we have the perfect combination of the right tools, right people with the right attitude and the right prices. Have your European car serviced at Nambour Car Service and you will drive away knowing that your European vehicle has been properly cared for & given the attention it deserves. Consider Nambour Car Service as an alternative to the dealership to service you Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi. Due to the massive overheads of the dealership Nambour Car Service can offer more competitive pricing structures due to lower labour rates. We can also offer you the choice of either genuine or quality aftermarket parts to further reduce costs.

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General Servicing

From our perspective this very involved safety inspection allows us to get to know your car intimately, create and retain a detailed report, advise you on the priorities and on the items that can be left for monitoring.

We have policy ensuring that no extra money is spent on the vehicle without the owners consent.

Through being cost conscious while maintaining a high standard, we hold your best interests at heart.

The Nambour Car Service general car service and safety inspection consists of:
  • Pre and post service road tests
  • Battery test and printed report
  • Check windscreen wiper, washer, horn and light operation
  • Engine oil, sump plug washer and filter change
  • All wheels removed to thoroughly check, clean and adjust brakes
  • Check all tyres treads and adjust pressures (includes spare)
  • Check engine tune up components (spark plugs where fitted and clean out air filter)
  • Pressure test cooling system and check cooling system hoses
  • Check and adjust all under bonnet and driveline, fluids and oils
  • Carry out a comprehensive safety inspection. Consists of engine and driveline, steering and suspension, fuel, exhaust, undercarriage and under bonnet components
  • Lube door hinges
  • Check air conditioning vent temperature
  • Stamp logbook
  • Provide comprehensive vehicle report

” Possibly the most comprehensive car service safety inspection in QLD ……………. right here in Nambour! “Why?  Because if I paid somebody to service my vehicle, I would want to know all about it”.

Exhaust Repairs/Replacement

Today’s exhaust systems are not simply made up of mild steel mufflers and pipe work. The modern exhaust system incorporates manifolds, turbo chargers, electronic sensors, catalytic convertors, large amounts of stainless steel, flex pipes and vibration dampeners. Many late diesel exhausts also use diesel particulate filters which are very sensitive to over fuelling and incorrect oil specification and when damaged, are extremely expensive to replace.

Exhaust systems are prone to cracking which allows the exhaust to leak externally and also draw fresh air in. Both conditions can give the oxygen sensor a false reading. The oxygen sensor’s role is critical in respect to the correct fuel delivery to the engine. A small crack in an exhaust system can cause a fuel injected engine to use excessive fuel, melt catalytic convertors and burn engine valves and gaskets. Exhaust leaks are not always audible. Some can be noisy when cold and disappear when hot, some are a light flutter and some can sound like a trumpet. If your car is noisy why not have Nambour Car Service give you accurate advice as we know exhaust systems and offer the right advice and sensible solutions.

In conclusion it is best to have your exhaust system regularly monitored through general servicing at Nambour Car Service. We will always try to keep an exhaust as standard as possible to prevent excessive emission and noise

Blocked exhaust systems are a common fault, mostly caused by over fuelling problems in the engine. A blocked exhaust can give you the impression that your engine has a serious mechanical fault.

Steering and Suspension

There are many different types of steering and suspension systems. Some such as independent rear suspension on a rear wheel drive can be extremely complicated. Steering and suspension make a up large percentage of the under carriage of a vehicle and if not checked thoroughly can leave a lot to be missed.Through worn bushes, bent arms, worn shock absorbers and excessive movement in linkages, tyres will wear prematurely, vehicle control and handling will be drastically compromised and braking and traction will be seriously hindered.

Steering, suspension, tyre and brake systems all rely on each other to work effectively, if one component fails, all of these systems are affected. Thankfully it’s not often that we get into a situation that pushes these systems to their limit however on the day that you do need to avoid an accident you’ll be thankful that your steering and suspension are in good condition.

In conclusion it is best to have your steering and suspension regularly monitored through general servicing. If you have no idea of their condition, have them inspected by a professional at Nambour Car Service ASAP.

Good tyre traction relies heavily on the steering and suspensions ability to keep your tyres on the road through uneven conditions. Worn shock absorbers will allow a tyre to bounce and the wheel to lock up and skid, often the cause of accidents.

Air Conditioning

If you want a professional and accurate diagnosis to determined whether your a/c problem is a simple fuse or a more complicated fault call us for a FREE INSPECTION now.

Air conditioning refrigerant is harmful to the environment and any remnants in a system need to be contained before a system is worked on. Legal policies have been put into place recently to take control and clean up an industry that saw too many tradesmen dumping old refrigerant straight into the atmosphere to save time and make more money.

At Nambour Car Service we have the latest equipment, up to date training and certification, decades of experience and the right attitude to service your air conditioning system while still caring for the environment

Most commonly a/c systems run out of refrigerant due to a leak somewhere in the system. In the past these systems have just been topped up when they get low and stop producing cold air. Most people would be familiar with the old term ‘re-gas’. ‘Re-gassing’ is now an illegal practice. If a system is low on gas the leak must be identified and repaired. An ultra violet dye should always be added to make any future leaks visible.

If you need to have your air conditioning serviced or repaired, simply book your vehicle in today!

Auto Electrical/Diagnostics

At Nambour Car Service, our technicians are highly experienced in auto electrics as they are now incorporated in almost every mechanical and chassis system on a car. Accurately diagnosing and repairing electrical system faults cover a large percentage of the work at Nambour Car Service.

The technicians of Nambour Car Service are leaders in this field and are extremely proud of it. We cater for all auto electrical problems from light globes, wiring faults and starter motor overhauls to the latest fuel injection system fault diagnosis and repair.Whatever the auto electrical problem that you may be having, call Nambour Car Service for an expert diagnosis and repair.

For decades fuel injected engines have been controlled by computers. In modern cars computers are commonly being used to control everything such as interior lights, headlights, windscreen wipers and virtually all interior functions.


Clutches in a manual drivetrains take a lot of abuse and depending on the car, driving style, load carrying and road conditions such as hilly areas, can wear out anywhere from 100,000 kms to 300,000 kms.Replacing a clutch is usually a labour intensive job as the gearbox and many other components need to be removed to access the clutch. Due to the nature of the job it is absolutely worthwhile replacing the rear main oil seal at the same time as this is a fairly cheap part in most cases and accessible when the clutch is removed. If it is not replaced and leaks later on, the whole job is done over again. The clutch assembly is bolted onto the engine flywheel and uses the flywheel face as a friction surface.

It is imperative that the flywheel is machined at the same time to eliminate any clutch shudder, get full clutch contact and in most cases retain the warranty on the clutch. The days of replacing just a clutch plate are gone. These days the clutch assembly including the pressure plate, clutch plate, thrust bearing and spiggot bearing should always be replaced to ensure a quality job.

There are many brands of clutch kit on the market and through trial and error Jose Street Auto Centre have found the best products for your car. Lesser products will give a poor clutch pedal feel, bearings will get noisy prematurely and the clutches will slip prematurely.

If you have ever put your foot down on the accelerator in gear and had the engine rev up with no increase in vehicle speed, you have felt your clutch slipping. 


At Nambour Car Service we are fully equipped to service your brakes including the machining of brake drums and disc’s. We only use quality brake parts that we know through experience won’t squeal or shudder.

Brake pads and shoes should be regularly monitored and replaced before they wear out. Squealing and grinding noises will usually indicate that your brakes are completely worn out and need urgent attention.

The life expectancy of brake linings are dependent on driving style, load carrying and road conditions such as driving in hilly areas.

Disc and drum machining should be done with every pad or shoe change unless the disc or drum is excessively worn and needs to be replaced. It is important that a fresh lining runs on a fresh and straight disc/drum surface to ensure maximum contact, minimum noise and no pulsation.

Brake hydraulic systems need regular flushing to ensure that, moisture and corrosion build up won’t damage seals and cause leaks. Any leakage in the brake hydraulic system could be fatal.

In conclusion it is best to have your brakes regularly monitored through general servicing. If you have no idea of their integrity, have them inspected by a professional at Nambour Car Service ASAP.

At Nambour Car Service, with every ‘General Service’ we carry out a thorough brake inspection and provide you with a percentage of brake linings that remain.

Driveline, Gearbox and Automatic Transmission

The driveline is made up of the gearbox or automatic transmission, transfer case (4WD or AWD), drive shaft/s, differential assembly, axles and hubs. The systems incorporate an extensive number of bearings, seals and bushes and require a constant oil supply to lubricate all of these components and keep them heavily coated.

The general maintenance of these components is virtually only oil changing, greasing and in some cases filter changing and additives. Their service intervals vary widely.

More often than not when driveline components fail it will be due to either a leaking seal which will spread oil across the undercarriage or more commonly a worn bearing which will cause a whining noise that increases with vehicle speed and progressively gets worse over time. Age and abuse also takes its toll on these components which can lead to difficulty in selecting gears.

Drive shaft and constant velocity shaft component failure will usually cause vibrations felt through the vehicle body, clicking around corners, knocks and clunks. If you suspect that you have a faulty driveline component book it into Nambour Car Service for diagnosis, advice and/or a quality repair.

In conclusion it is best to have your driveline regularly monitored and oils changed when required, through general servicing at Nambour Car Service.

Many late model cars don’t have a dipstick for checking automatic transmission fluid. Often we see that they have been neglected through irregular service intervals. Once a component fails, it’s too late for an easy repair and transmission overhauls can cost thousands. Prevention is the best cure. 

Tyres and Wheel Balance

At Nambour Car Service we have access to all leading brands of tyres  and can cater for your vehicle no matter what your desire.  Alternatively we can advise you on the best options for your vehicle.Good tyre performance and longevity is not only dependent on quality tyres and correctly maintained pressure but also on steering, suspension and wheel alignment condition.Many cars have adjustable rear wheel alignment that is commonly overlooked when aligning the front wheels, meaning that only half the job is done.

At Nambour Car Service we will always align the rear suspension when possible and always advise a wheel alignment with new tyres to be certain that tyre performance and longevity is at its best.

Nambour Car Service, for quality wheel alignments and tyres in Nambour.

At Nambour Car Service we have free driveway service. Drop in and have your tyre pressures, oil and water checked today. 

Radiator/Cooling Systems

The purpose of the cooling system is to transfer the heat produced by combustion in the engine to the atmosphere and maintain an engine temperature of typically 90 degrees centigrade. A cooling system relies on being 100% full of coolant meaning the slightest leak can be critical. A fault with any component in a cooling system could result in serious engine damage and therefore should be dealt with urgently as engine overhauling costs thousands.Cooling systems are subject to corrosion and electrolysis, processes that commonly cause severe leaks through component degradation. These are commonly the main radiator killers.

Rubber cooling system hoses are commonly affected by engine oil from leaking gaskets. Oil soaked hoses deteriorate, go soft and burst without warning. To keep a cooling system in good condition the glycol and coolant concentrations need to be maintained at a high level and when weak, flushed through and replaced. When mixed, different brands of coolant react chemically with each other and create a bi-product that blocks radiators and hinder thermostat operation. “Coolants should never be mixed”. When changing coolant, the system should be thoroughly flushed through beforehand. If a cooling system needs topping up, it should be done with only water until the fault is repaired. In conclusion it is best to have your cooling system regularly monitored and flushed when required through general servicing at Nambour Car Service

Have you ever wondered why cars always play up at the most inconvenient time? The simple answer is that when you’re in your car you’ve always got somewhere to be. Preventative maintenance is the ONLY way to ensure you don’t get caught out.

Engine Tune

An engine tune is required when the tune components in your engine are old and worn or when the manufacturers schedule requires. Tune components in poor condition will cause rough running, poor engine performance, poor fuel consumption, engine stalling, excessive emissions and in extreme cases can cause serious engine damage.

The engine tune is the replacement of spark plugs (on petrol engines), air filter, fuel filter, a throttle body clean, ignition timing adjustment (where applicable), idle and mixture adjustments.

In some cases the tune components may not be the cause of a fault and advanced engine diagnostics may be required.

The vast majority of engines these days utilise complicated mechanical and electronic systems with extremely fine tolerances and precise adjustments.

Fuel injected engines use a vast array of sensors and actuators. To test and service these components accurately, expensive electronic diagnostic equipment is required.

At Jose Street Auto Centre our professional technicians are supported by the latest mechanical and electronic diagnostic equipment, up to date information resources and decades of experience.

With the high cost of fuel today it makes sense to make sure that your engine is running at its best. 


When your vehicle windscreen becomes damaged through an accident, Nambour Car Service has you covered.  Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle we can fit and replace your windscreen.

If your windscreen has stone chips or cracks, (dependent on the position and severity of the damage), we can also repair the windscreen back to it original manufactured condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the windscreen.

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Nambour Car Service is an RACQ Approved Repairer. This means that RACQ will tow your vehicle to our modern and fully equipped workshop, in a safe and reliable manner. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team today!

Other Services

We also offer a range of other services, including:

  • Automatic transmission repairs and service and transmission coolers
  • Timing belt replacement including full inclusive kit
  • Petrol and common rail diesel specialist
  • Light auto electrical work
  • Battery replacement
  • EFI Diagnostics
  • CV Joints