Need to Tune Up A Car? Our Engine Tune Services are Second-To-None

An engine tune is required when the tune components in your engine are old and worn or when the manufacturers schedule requires. Tune components in poor condition will cause rough running, poor engine performance, poor fuel consumption, engine stalling, excessive emissions and in extreme cases can cause serious engine damage.

The engine tune is the replacement of spark plugs (on petrol engines), air filter, fuel filter, a throttle body clean, ignition timing adjustment (where applicable), idle and mixture adjustments.

In some cases the tune components may not be the cause of a fault and advanced engine diagnostics may be required.

The vast majority of engines these days utilise complicated mechanical and electronic systems with extremely fine tolerances and precise adjustments.

Fuel injected engines use a vast array of sensors and actuators. To test and service these vehicle components accurately, expensive electronic diagnostic equipment is required.

At Jose Street Auto Centre our professional Nambour mechanic technicians are supported by the latest mechanical and electronic diagnostic equipment, up to date information resources and decades of experience.

If you think you need to tune up a car then give our skilled engine tune Sunshine Coast team a call today.

With the high cost of fuel today it makes sense to make sure that your car engine is running at its best with our Nambour automotive services.