filling engine oil using funnel during general car service safety inspection at nambour car mechanic centre


WOW I bought my car in for a Quote on a clutch after I had a service at the local Nambour dealer I bought the car from and was told I need a clutch kit and the parts are not covered in our warranty. Bill was going to be $1600 on top of a $400 service on a Suzuki Alto. I took the car to Jose St and not only did I get good advice but he looked at the Alto and adjusted the clutch for free so it works without grinding the gears.

Peter W.

Excellent service turned up unannounced when my A/C packed up although they were busy they took the time to have a look and fixed it for me at no charge as it was a simple fix. They have won me and I will not need to look any further for a trustworthy mechanic.

Greg H.

Simply the BEST mechanics we have been to. Honest, timely & they gave me a full comprehensive report so I knew exactly what was happening with the car & they gave me a 10% seniors discount!

Aaron B.

I had my brake pads done and they work great – no problems at all. Young guy was very friendly and dropped me at work and picked me up when the car was ready. Another chap went through every item on the invoice and explained what they did and why (they quoted first). Very good service.

Kay H.

Excellent guys and excellent old school service. Wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. Have even moved away and still take my car back there to be serviced. They are so very obliging, they keep you informed the whole way and will go out of their way to assist. You couldn’t ask for better mechanics.

Penny D.

These guys are awesome. So nice and friendly and the best thing of all they don’t rip you off and charge you for repairs that weren’t needed or necessary. Quick and easy to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone especially if you want things explained properly. Very pleased.

Cooper A.

The team at Nambour Car Service go above and beyond their job description. They take the time to discuss your service needs and when the job has been completed they provide a comprehensive overview of the work that they have done both written and verbally. Our family have been customers of Nambour Car Service for a number of years. Denis runs a very professional service centre and has an excellent rapport with his customers.

Nev H.

For the last 5 years we have taken both of our European cars to Nambour Car Service and have been very happy with the service, price and quality of work. We do recommend.

Max R.

Great communication – very detailed rundown about every piece of work done, and love how they tell you about upcoming jobs. Very reliable and friendly service.


I came away very satisfied with the car service I received. The team were friendly and explained everything clearly. I appreciated the affordable price, honesty, integrity and peace of mind I was left with.

Linda B.
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Car Maintenance Services

Many vehicle owners fail to take proper care of their vehicles. Some defer regular car maintenance because they don’t feel they can afford them. Others use the ‘I don’t have time to take my car into the mechanic’ excuse. Ultimately, the reason for skipping preventative vehicle maintenance doesn’t matter, as the consequence is the same: a car that doesn’t perform as well, breaks down or runs out of life, years before it should.

Instead of worrying about when your car will suffer from mechanical problems, why not do everything you can to ensure it never happens in the first place? The best approach to car ownership is one based on preventative maintenance. Regularly checking on the status of your car and its components means catching any issues early

Our Australian and European car service centre provides full car maintenance services in Sunshine Coast hinterland for most makes and models.

Our vehicle mechanics and technicians are fully trained, accredited and highly experienced so you can rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands. Our business is founded on customer satisfaction and repairs characterised by top-tier workmanship. We are a full-service mechanic offering everything from logbook servicing of new vehicles to brake checks and air conditioning inspections and beyond. 

Our goal is to get to know your car inside out and provide long-term support and service. Our general car service includes tasks such as checking all critical engine components (spark plugs, etc.), monitoring all fluid levels, testing lights and fuses, and diagnostic examinations of the braking, steering, suspension, and driveline systems.

During your car servicing, if our mechanics find anything requiring repairs or parts replacement, they will inform you as soon as possible before they start working on the “fix” so you don’t incur any additional costs which you have not consented to. ONLY once we have the go-ahead from you will we work beyond what was initially agreed upon. Our vehicle servicing centre has a policy ensuring that no extra money is spent without the owner’s consent.

There are several car maintenances services to choose from depending upon your needs:

European Car Maintenance

Our team have extensive training and mechanical experience in various European car makes and models. If we discover anything needing replacement during your European car maintenance service, we will offer you the choice of fitting genuine European parts or equal quality aftermarket part alternatives.

General Full Car Service (including Car Safety Inspection)

A general car service includes a thorough vehicle safety inspection and so much more – battery tests, wheel and tyre checks, cooling system and engine tests, air-con, driveline, fluid and oil checks and top-ups, plus much more. Visit the General Full Car Service page for the comprehensive list.

Roadworthy Certificate Service

Our car service centre has an Approved Vehicle Inspection Station to carry out Roadworthy Certification. In Queensland, when you purchase a registered second-hand vehicle, it must come with a Road Worthy Certificate. If you are registering an unregistered vehicle with us, you must supply a ‘Compulsory Third Party’ Certificate to us so we can perform the necessary legal roadworthy testing.

Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment Tyre Service

Our car service centre has access to all leading tyre brands. We can advise you on the best tyre options for your car’s steering and suspension.

Auto Electrical Services

Our mechanics can fix all car electrical faults, from light globes, wiring faults and starter motor overhauls to the latest fuel injection system fault diagnosis and more. Accurately diagnosing and repairing car electrical faults makes up a large percentage of the car maintenance services we perform daily here in Nambour.

Car Logbook Service

Our Nambour mechanics can service your new car without affecting your manufacturer’s warranty, so take advantage of this service to ensure your new car is in 100% tip-top shape. After all, if there’s a fault, you want it picked up and rectified by your car dealer before your new car warranty has run-out.

During a manufacturer handbook service, the dealer will only look at the areas listed in their schedule. Whereas, when our car service centre does logbook servicing, not only do we follow the full schedule, but we also carry out our own thorough car inspection looking at all other aspects of the vehicle.

More Reasons to Book in for Regular Car Maintenance

By investing in preventative maintenance services, you will give yourself the following advantages:

  • Your car will last longer. Would you rather have a car that lasts for 15 years or a car that stops performing well after 5? Caring for your car and maintaining its various components will prolong its life dramatically.
  • Your car will perform better. Have you noticed that your car’s fuel economy has gone down over the years? That decline could be the result of skipped oil changes. Does your car give a rough or bumpy ride? Suspension problems could be to blame. Routine car inspections and servicing will catch these problems before they get serious and improve your vehicle’s overall performance.
  • Your car will retain its value. They say that a car loses 10% of its value you the minute you drive it off the lot. Car values depreciate dramatically throughout their lifespans, but you can maintain the value by maintaining the car. Keeping up regular services, repairing old or broken components and working to keep the car running well and looking great will keep its resale value high.