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Clutch Repair & Clutch Replacement Sunshine Coast

Need clutch replacement or clutch repairs in Nambour?

Clutches in a manual drivetrains take a lot of abuse and depending on the car, driving style, load carrying and road conditions such as hilly areas, can wear out anywhere from 100,000 kms to 300,000 kms.

Clutch replacement is usually a labour intensive job as the gearbox and many other components need to be removed by auto service mechanics to access the clutch. Due to the nature of the job it is absolutely worthwhile replacing the rear main oil seal at the same time as this is a fairly cheap part in most cases and accessible when the clutch is removed. If it is not replaced and leaks later on, the entire car clutch repair job will need to be done over again. The clutch assembly is bolted onto the engine flywheel and uses the flywheel face as a friction surface.

It is imperative that the flywheel is machined at the same time to eliminate any clutch shudder, get full clutch contact and in most cases retain the warranty on the clutch. The days of replacing just a clutch plate are gone. These days the clutch assembly including the pressure plate, clutch plate, thrust bearing and spiggot bearing should always be replaced when carrying out clutch repairs to ensure a quality job.

There are many brands of clutch kits on the market and through trial and error, our Jose Street car service centre team of auto mechanics have found the best clutch repair products for your vehicle. Lesser products will give a poor clutch pedal feel, bearings will get noisy prematurely and the clutches will slip prematurely.

If you have ever put your foot down on the accelerator in gear and had the engine rev up with no increase in vehicle speed, you have felt your clutch slipping. For comprehensive clutch repairs and clutch replacement, contact our Sunshine Coast auto mechanics.