Power Steering & Suspension Vehicle Repairs Sunshine Coast

There are many different types of steering and suspension systems.

Some such as independent rear suspension on a rear wheel drive can be extremely complicated. Steering and suspension make a up large percentage of the undercarriage of a vehicle and if not checked by auto service mechanics thoroughly during a car undercarriage inspection, a lot of issues can be missed.

Through worn bushes, bent arms, worn shock absorbers and excessive movement in linkages, tyres will wear prematurely, vehicle control and handling will be drastically compromised and braking and traction will be seriously hindered all resulting in costly power steering repair and car suspension repair.

Steering, suspension, tyre and brake systems all rely on each other to work effectively, if one component fails, all of these systems are affected. Thankfully it’s not often that we get into a situation that pushes these systems to their limit however on the day that you do need to avoid an accident you’ll be thankful that your power steering and suspension are in good condition thanks to our professional Nambour mechanics.

In conclusion, it is best to have your steering and suspension regularly monitored by booking in for a general car service with our steering wheel repair specialists. If you have no idea of the condition of these parts, make sure you get a vehicle inspection carried out by one of our steering repair specialist mechanics at Nambour Car Service ASAP.

Good tyre traction relies heavily on the steering and suspensions ability to keep your tyres on the road through uneven conditions. Worn shock absorbers will allow a tyre to bounce and the wheel to lock up and skid, often this is the cause of accidents.