gearbox, driveline & automatic transmission services by transmission specialist

Gearbox, Driveline & Automatic Transmission Service by Transmission Specialists

The driveline is made up of the gearbox or automatic transmission, transfer case (4WD or AWD), drive shaft/s, differential assembly, axles and hubs. The systems incorporates an extensive number of bearings, seals and bushes and require a constant oil supply to lubricate all of these components and keep them heavily coated.

Driveline and gearbox servicing are part of the Nambour auto centre’s automatic transmission service.

The maintenance of these components is virtually only oil changing, greasing and in some cases filter changing and additives. Their service intervals vary widely.

More often than not, when driveline components fail it will be due to either a leaking seal which will spread oil across the undercarriage or more commonly a worn bearing which will cause a whining noise that increases with vehicle speed and progressively gets worse over time. Age and abuse also takes its toll on these components which can lead to difficulty in selecting gears.

Drive shaft and constant velocity shaft component failure will usually cause vibrations felt through the vehicle body, clicking around corners, knocks and clunks. If you suspect that you have a faulty driveline component book it into Nambour Car Service for diagnosis, advice and/or a quality Sunshine Coast car repair.

In conclusion, it is best to have your driveline regularly monitored and oils changed when required, through general servicing at the Nambour car service centre to avoid any costly driveline repairs, gearbox repairs and transmission repairs.

Many late model cars don’t have a dipstick for checking automatic transmission fluid. Often our car service centre team see that they have been neglected through irregular service intervals. Once a component fails, it’s too late for an easy repair and transmission overhauls can cost thousands. Prevention is the best cure.