automotive specialist electrical mechanic under car hood providing auto electrical services in nambour

Electrical Mechanic providing Diagnostic & Auto Electrical Services

Our Nambour automotive service technicians are highly experienced in auto electrical services as electrics are incorporated in almost every mechanical and chassis system on a car. Accurately diagnosing and repairing vehicle electrical system faults cover a large percentage of the work our auto service mechanics carry out daily.

When our Sunshine Coast auto mechanics carry out car electrical inspections, they test systems or sensors that may have failed, and check the charging rate of the alternator and the health of the car battery. Also involved is an inspection of the fuses and relays.

Our Jose St Auto Centre’s electrical mechanic technicians are leaders in their field and are extremely proud of it. They cater to all car electrical problems, from light globes, wiring faults and starter motor overhauls to the latest fuel injection system fault diagnosis and other electric car repairs.

Whatever the auto electrical problem you may be having, call our Nambour car service centre for expert car electrical diagnosis and car electrical repair. A vehicle electrical problem is something that should be fixed a soon as possible once detected as it could be compromising the many safety systems designed to protect you in the event of a car accident. And not to mention, by letting the fault fester, the car electrical repair costs could well become excessive.

For decades fuel injected engines have been controlled by computers. In modern cars computers are commonly being used to control everything such as interior lights, headlights, windscreen wipers and virtually all interior functions.

6 Common Reasons For Car Auto Electrical Problems

1. Failed Sensor/Alternator: This causes a light to flash on the dashboard and may affect other vehicle electrical systems.

2. Blown Fuse: These safety devices are designed to stop excess electrical current from damaging sensitive car circuits. Such a fault can also indicate another component has failed and is drawing too much current.

3. Low Battery Voltage: Electricity is provided to the vehicle via the car battery. If the voltage is low, it can cause many electrical components to shut down to save power for the critical systems – the engine and safety components.

4. Car Wiring Faults: Such faults can interrupt power flow, as well as cause other vehicle electrical issues.

5. Failing Spark Plugs: Spark plugs are made to ignite the fuel and air mixture inside your vehicle engine’s combustion chambers, but sometimes they don’t work correctly or are past their use by and need replacing. In most instances, simply having a car electrical mechanic replace the old spark plug with a new one will resolve the problem. If the car engine misfires or it’s not accelerating as it should, it may well be that you have a spark plug problem and should make an appointment at our car service centre.

6. Failing Car Horn, Lights & Other Minor Issues: If you notice your car’s indicator lights are blinking really fast it, it means they’re on their way out and will soon need replacing. If your car horn isn’t working or sounds distorted instead of full-bodied it could be a signal that a wire is lose or the horn is damaged.  To notice other minor electrical problems you’ll need to have someone in the driver’s seat operating the vehicle in “park” while you walk around the vehicle checking that the brake lights are working and the headlights are working.

For auto electrical services on the Sunshine Coast, call Jose St Auto. We’ll get a car electrical mechanic on it pronto.