New Trading Hours introduced from July 1st 2022

Nambour Car Service has now moved to a 4 day working week, Monday to Thursday, and is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from as of the 1st of July 2022 through to 30th September 2022. 

Daily business hours HAVE INCREASED, opening at 7am and closing at 6pm.

From the Owner

I’d like to thank all of our loyal clients that have, and continue, to support my team and I at Nambour Car Service.

The automotive repair industry is an ever changing game.  Every year, every model of every car make has not just superficial updates but technology updates as well.  Every system is different and most systems need attention at some point.

Cars are becoming more complicated in design and more features and components are being packed into smaller spaces meaning that jobs which used to be simple (and sound simple), such as “replacing a thermostat” or ”replacing spark plugs”, can be much more complicated in many cases, and much more time consuming.

There are many car service and repair jobs now that are not able to be completed within a typical business day, especially if the job is started later in the morning.

With the growth of the Sunshine Coast and its lack of public transport, our reliance on our cars and the increase in the pace of modern daily life, the demand for car servicing and repairs to be done within given time frames is constantly increasing.

The knowledge that good mechanics have to have and continually develop can be overwhelming.  That combined with the aforementioned time pressures has brought the automotive industry into a difficult situation where the appeal of becoming a qualified mechanic is not as attractive of a career option as it used to seem for many young, potential tradespeople. Compounding this situation is that the trade has also seen many qualified experienced mechanics change career for the same reason.

In an attempt to find a solution to the higher degree of pressure, longer job times, getting clients cars back to them sooner and industry appeal to tradesman, Nambour Car Service will be trialing this new 4 day working week, Monday to Thursday from the 1st of July 2022 through to the 30th September 2022.  Daily business hours will INCREASE, opening at 7:00am and closing at 6:00pm.

Although in some isolated cases being closed on a Friday may be inconvenient, having 2 additional hours per day of job time to work on your car will mean that many jobs that would otherwise have required the vehicle to stay overnight, will be ready for pick-up on the same day they’re dropped in.

As a reward and incentive for our team’s efforts in producing 4 long days of quality work, they’ll be able to enjoy 3 day weekends with their families.  A brilliant opportunity to achieve a greater work / life balance in the beautiful location that is the Sunshine Coast.

Operating a modern business that truly cares about its staff members and its clients is an evolving balancing act that needs constant attention and regular tuning.  Nurturing a great team of tradespeople through great workplace conditions including a great work / life balance is another means with which Nambour Car Service can continue to provide the highest quality automotive mechanics and car services to Nambour locals and other clients located across the coast.

Denis Aarons