tow truck racq towing service sunshine coast

Tow Truck RACQ Towing Service Sunshine Coast

Nambour Car Service is an RACQ Approved Repairer.

This means that if you’re an RACQ member, and if your car cannot be mobilised by the RACQ roadside assistance mechanic, the RACQ towing service will safely and reliably tow your car complimentary up to your service limits. Your vehicle will be towed to the modern, fully equipped auto service workshop in Nambour if we’re your closest car service centre, or to whichever is closest to your breakdown location.

Please be aware that size and weight limitations apply when it comes to car towing services. RACQ tow trucks cannot tow vehicles that exceed one or both of:

  • Gross Weight GVM1 6.0t  (maximum loaded vehicle mass as stipulated by the manufacturer, regardless of whether it is loaded or not).
  • Height 3.3m

For more information on what RACQ Towing limits apply for your level of membership, please contact RACQ directly on  131 905 or read the RACQ Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions here.

If you need any Sunshine Coast RACQ car towing assistance, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly Nambour mechanic team today to enquire about this professional tow service. As RACQ is the leading tow service Sunshine Coast vehicle owners use, you can rest assured their mobile mechanics are very experienced in, and knowledgeable about, all types of roadside breakdown problems. They will be able to diagnose most issues on-site and if unable to fix them then and there, they will use their tow truck to get your vehicle to the nearest auto service centre.