filling engine oil using funnel during general car service safety inspection at nambour car mechanic centre


WOW I bought my car in for a Quote on a clutch after I had a service at the local Nambour dealer I bought the car from and was told I need a clutch kit and the parts are not covered in our warranty. Bill was going to be $1600 on top of a $400 service on a Suzuki Alto. I took the car to Jose St and not only did I get good advice but he looked at the Alto and adjusted the clutch for free so it works without grinding the gears.

Peter W.

Excellent service turned up unannounced when my A/C packed up although they were busy they took the time to have a look and fixed it for me at no charge as it was a simple fix. They have won me and I will not need to look any further for a trustworthy mechanic.

Greg H.

Simply the BEST mechanics we have been to. Honest, timely & they gave me a full comprehensive report so I knew exactly what was happening with the car & they gave me a 10% seniors discount!

Aaron B.

I had my brake pads done and they work great – no problems at all. Young guy was very friendly and dropped me at work and picked me up when the car was ready. Another chap went through every item on the invoice and explained what they did and why (they quoted first). Very good service.

Kay H.

Excellent guys and excellent old school service. Wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. Have even moved away and still take my car back there to be serviced. They are so very obliging, they keep you informed the whole way and will go out of their way to assist. You couldn’t ask for better mechanics.

Penny D.

These guys are awesome. So nice and friendly and the best thing of all they don’t rip you off and charge you for repairs that weren’t needed or necessary. Quick and easy to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone especially if you want things explained properly. Very pleased.

Cooper A.

The team at Nambour Car Service go above and beyond their job description. They take the time to discuss your service needs and when the job has been completed they provide a comprehensive overview of the work that they have done both written and verbally. Our family have been customers of Nambour Car Service for a number of years. Denis runs a very professional service centre and has an excellent rapport with his customers.

Nev H.

For the last 5 years we have taken both of our European cars to Nambour Car Service and have been very happy with the service, price and quality of work. We do recommend.

Max R.

Great communication – very detailed rundown about every piece of work done, and love how they tell you about upcoming jobs. Very reliable and friendly service.


I came away very satisfied with the car service I received. The team were friendly and explained everything clearly. I appreciated the affordable price, honesty, integrity and peace of mind I was left with.

Linda B.
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General Car Service and Vehicle Inspection

When you choose us as your regular car service provider, you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service and attention to detail that we provide.  A general car service and safety car inspection is a very involved service which allows our mechanics to get to know your car intimately, so we can create and retain detailed reporting and flag any issues found for repairs or replacement.

Why Choose Nambour Car Service as your Go-To for Routine Car Maintenance

Our team have been running Nambour Car Service since 2003 (though the business has been in place since the 1980s) and we have earned a reputation for quality, cost-effective repairs. We have built the workshop from a small one-mechanic operation to one that now features a staff of approximately six. We have done so with a commitment to a couple of core values.

When you walk into our shop in Nambour’s Town Centre, you will find it to be the cleanest you have ever seen. We believe that if we can’t look after our own business, then how are we supposed to take care of your car? We pride ourselves on maintaining clean workshop floors, clean uniforms, and adhering to health and safety procedures.

We also have a policy ensuring that no extra money is spent on the car without the owner’s consent.

Through being cost conscious while maintaining a high standard, our auto mechanics hold your best interests at heart when we perform a full car service on the Sunshine Coast for your vehicle.

You will speak to the same mechanic each and every time you come in for a regular car service, and you will be provided with the most up-to-date  information regarding your vehicle. For professional car care from experts with in-depth knowledge and experience, choose Nambour Car Service.

The Nambour general car service and independent car safety inspection service consists of:
  • Pre purchase vehicle inspection and post service road tests
  • Battery test and printed report
  • Check windscreen wiper, washer, horn and light operation
  • Engine oil, sump plug washer and filter change
  • All wheels removed to thoroughly check, clean and adjust brakes
  • Check all tyres treads and adjust pressures (includes spare)
  • Check engine tune up components (spark plugs where fitted and clean out air filter)
  • Pressure test cooling system and check cooling system hoses
  • Check and adjust all under bonnet and driveline, fluids and oils
  • Carry out a comprehensive safety car inspection. Consists of engine and driveline, steering and suspension, fuel, exhaust,  under bonnet components, and undercarriage vehicle inspection
  • Lube door hinges
  • Check air conditioning vent temperature
  • Stamp logbook at completion of service
  • Provide comprehensive vehicle report

With every general service on a car, we provide a thorough inspection of your brakes that includes the percentage of brake linings remaining. We will also provide a free air conditioning check. You do not want to be caught in the heat of the summer without air conditioning.

“Possibly the most comprehensive, independent car service safety inspection service in QLD …right here in Nambour! ‘Why?’  Because if I paid somebody to service my vehicle, I would want to know all about it.”