Tyres at Nambour Car Services are a Top Priority

At Nambour Car Services, we know that worn down tyres can cause your vehicle to work a lot harder than it needs to, which takes its toll on other parts of the car. We carry all leading tyre brands from our trusted suppliers. We always complete the job and then some. At Nambour, we’re dedicated to providing the best tyres for your car and doing installation and tune ups on tyres. We know that tyres can significantly affect the steering, suspension, and wheel alignment, and we recommend all of these services with tyre changes. After all, tyres at

Nambour are one of our top priorities.

Nambour Car Services Providing Tyres to the Sunshine Coast
In the 1980’s, a small one-man mechanic shop called Jose Street Auto shop opened up. This business came into our hands in 2003 and since then we’ve grown from one man to six employees and changed our name to Nambour Car Services. Our biggest priority is ensuring that our customers have safe, long lasting cars that work well. We are a certified roadworthy inspector, and do an in-depth inspection on cars that aren’t safe to drive, and provide economical options for complete repairs. Our focus is not only repairs, though. It’s prevention. We aim to keep all cars running well with regular tune-ups and inspections before parts break and become dangerous. Our staff will assist you to keep your tune-ups regular and timely to prevent costly and unexpected break-downs.

At Nambour workshops are always clean and organized. We take care of our shop the same as we take care of your car: with great detail and precision. It is our job not only to fix your car but also to give you the finest customer experience possible. We know that our clients deserve to be well-treated, and we only hire friendly staff with ample knowledge in all areas of car service to ensure your peace of mind.

We’ve become a favourite auto shop for all services, including vehicle repair, tune ups, roadworthy inspections, and tyres. At Nambour Car Services, we are dedicated to providing your car with the best tyres available. Some tyre services we offer include free driveway service to our customers as well as fast, professional tyre changes. Just what you need to save your valued time and ensure your safety.

Looking for Tyres in Buderim?

Although we are situated in Nambour, we service all cars on the Sunshine Coast, including those from Buderim and Maroochydore. We take all our services seriously and provide a superior car service experience. Our prices are competitive and our services worthwhile. Our mechanics fix cars to last, and the longevity of your tyres is as important to us as it is to you.

Providing tyres to the Sunshine Coast is only one of our many services available. We offer full car services to keep yours in great shape. If you have your car fixed here, you won’t have to come back due to some overlooked issue. We are a reliable place to fit your car tyres. Buderim customers will agree!