It’s Our Mission to Make all Cars Roadworthy on the Sunshine Coast

At Nambour Car Services, we care about safety. We know that there are many auto shops out there willing to issue Safety Certificates to faulty and dangerous cars and we strive to be sure that all cars that leave our shop are safe and roadworthy. It is our guarantee that we will not award any damaged car with a Safety Certificate until it’s in tip top shape.

We want all cities on the Sunshine Coast to have only safe, roadworthy cars on the streets. This is why we’ve brought our Roadworthy Services to Nambour, Buderim, and Maroochydore to keep the Sunshine Coast as safe as we can. For us, it is important to make a difference so that you drive safe cars and alleviate dangerous accidents. That’s why we believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind which comes from a roadworthy car.

A Bit About Nambour Car Services

Our shop started out as a one-man mechanic shop called Jose Street Auto Centre in the 80’s. We took over in 2003 and recently changed the name to Nambour Car Services. We’ve grown from one man in 2003 to six employees since then, and we’re proud to be making cars roadworthy in Nambour, Buderim and Maroochydore today.

At Nambour Car Services, we strive to provide our patrons with excellent customer service rarely seen elsewhere, quality parts from our trusted suppliers, and reasonable pricing. We offer competitive pricing and superior quality services, and we understand that there’s nothing more expensive than the consequences of dangerous cars driving on the roads and the lives that they take. Our technicians understand that prevention is far better than cure.

We provide our customers with in-depth inspections, vehicle repairs, issuing of Safety Certificates, regular tune ups, and outstanding service at competitive prices. Our mechanics aren’t sloppy, and neither is our work. Our workshop is kept clean and organised, and we inspect all repaired cars to be sure they leave cleaner than they came in. We also believe that our customers should always get to talk to a knowledgeable mechanic, which is why each member of our team is highly qualified and ready to help.

Approved Inspection Station of Roadworthy Cars on the Sunshine Coast

We are an Approved Inspection Station located in Nambour and can provide any car in Queensland with a Safety Certificate if the authorities order it. If a vehicle comes from another state and you need to register it in Queensland, or if it’s a second-hand vehicle – we can assist.

All second-hand vehicles must be declared roadworthy on the Sunshine Coast. Nambour, Buderim, and Maroochydore are all cities that we service from our location in Nambour, and we’re qualified to issue Safety Certificates to cars from any city in Queensland. If your car needs an inspection, come on into our Nambour location today and we’ll make sure it’s truly a roadworthy car. We are well experienced in fault finding, and all cars with Safety Certificates signed by us are sure to be truly roadworthy. You can rest assured that we will take care of you!