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Tyres and Wheel Alignments in Nambour


At Nambour Car Service we have access to all leading brands of tyres  and can cater for your vehicle no matter what your desire.  Alternatively we can advise you on the best options for your vehicle.Good tyre performance and longevity is not only dependent on quality tyres and correctly maintained pressure but also on steering, suspension and wheel alignment condition.Many cars have adjustable rear wheel alignment that is commonly overlooked when aligning the front wheels, meaning that only half the job is done.

At Nambour Car Service we will always align the rear suspension when possible and always advise a wheel alignment with new tyres to be certain that tyre performance and longevity is at its best.

Nambour Car Service, for quality wheel alignments and tyres in Nambour.


At Nambour Car Service we have free driveway service. Drop in and have your tyre pressures, oil and water checked today. 

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