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The purpose of the cooling system is to transfer the heat produced by combustion in the engine to the atmosphere and maintain an engine temperature of typically 90 degrees centigrade. A cooling system relies on being 100% full of coolant meaning the slightest leak can be critical. A fault with any component in a cooling system could result in serious engine damage and therefore should be dealt with urgently as engine overhauling costs thousands.Cooling systems are subject to corrosion and electrolysis, processes that commonly cause severe leaks through component degradation. These are commonly the main radiator killers.

Rubber cooling system hoses are commonly affected by engine oil from leaking gaskets. Oil soaked hoses deteriorate, go soft and burst without warning. To keep a cooling system in good condition the glycol and coolant concentrations need to be maintained at a high level and when weak, flushed through and replaced. When mixed, different brands of coolant react chemically with each other and create a bi-product that blocks radiators and hinder thermostat operation. “Coolants should never be mixed”. When changing coolant, the system should be thoroughly flushed through beforehand. If a cooling system needs topping up, it should be done with only water until the fault is repaired. In conclusion it is best to have your cooling system regularly monitored and flushed when required through general servicing at Nambour Car Service

Have you ever wondered why cars always play up at the most inconvenient time? The simple answer is that when you’re in your car you’ve always got somewhere to be. Preventative maintenance is the ONLY way to ensure you don’t get caught out.

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