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Pre-Purchase Inspections and Road Tests

Nambour Car Service offers a ‘Pre Purchase Inspection’.  The idea of the pre purchase inspection is that before committing to the purchase of a car you can have a comprehensive independent evaluation done that is designed to protect the buyer.

Regularly this industry sees un-suspecting people get burnt when they purchase second hand cars as they are under the false illusion that they’re a good car because they have a road worthy certificate.
A road worthy certificate does not mean that a car’s in good condition and unfortunately, thanks to dodgy workshops that give our industry a bad reputation, does not mean it’s actually road worthy either.

In a ‘Pre Purchase Inspection’ Nambour Car Service will put the vehicle on a hoist and remove all the wheels so that nothing is missed. We carry out an extremely comprehensive safety/service inspection of the undercarriage, under bonnet and interior. Our inspection covers all roadworthy items and much more. Included in this inspection is a cooling system pressure test and an engine compression test.

The inspection is then followed by a road test and a detailed report listing all faults and future service items and forecasting any possible problems and financial outlays.

Unfortunately despite Queensland Transport’s efforts in making the roads safe,
there are still many workshops that sign off on unroadworthy cars.

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