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General car service and safety inspection

From our perspective this very involved safety inspection allows us to get to know your car intimately, create and retain a detailed report, advise you on the priorities and on the items that can be left for monitoring.

We have policy ensuring that no extra money is spent on the vehicle without the owners consent.

Through being cost conscious while maintaining a high standard, we hold your best interests at heart.


The Nambour Car Service general car service and safety inspection consists of:
  • Pre and post service road tests
  • Battery test and printed report
  • Check windscreen wiper, washer, horn and light operation
  • Engine oil, sump plug washer and filter change
  • All wheels removed to thoroughly check, clean and adjust brakes
  • Check all tyres treads and adjust pressures (includes spare)
  • Check engine tune up components (spark plugs where fitted and clean out air filter)
  • Pressure test cooling system and check cooling system hoses
  • Check and adjust all under bonnet and driveline, fluids and oils
  • Carry out a comprehensive safety inspection. Consists of engine and driveline, steering and suspension, fuel, exhaust, undercarriage and under bonnet components
  • Lube door hinges
  • Check air conditioning vent temperature
  • Stamp logbook
  • Provide comprehensive vehicle report

” Possibly the most comprehensive car service safety inspection in QLD ……………. right here in Nambour! “

Why?  Because if I paid somebody to service my vehicle, I would want to know all about it”.

Nambour Car Service’s recommended service intervals


VEHICLES LESS THAN 10 YEARS OLD:– 10,000 kms / 6 months or manufacturers specified interval. Whichever comes first

VEHICLES MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD:– 5,000 kms / 3 months

VEHICLES LESS THAN 180,000 KMS:– 10,000 kms / 6 months or manufacturers specified service interval. Whichever comes first

VEHICLES MORE THAN 180,000 KMS:– 5,000 kms / 3 months

This is the ideal way of staying on top of your cars maintenance and the perfect starting point for a ‘new customer’. Once informed and given accurate advice you can be confident in making the right decisions.

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