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Where To Go For Car Air Conditioning Repairs In Buderim, Nambour, And the Sunshine Coast

Because of the importance of your car’s cooling system, you should have only the most experienced and professional mechanics complete your car air conditioning repairs. Nambour Car Service is the area’s premium car repair shop. The staff is full of experienced mechanics that stay current on the latest training and certifications. The company has the latest, state of the art technology and equipment that is updated regularly in order to give customers the best service available. When you want the best for your vehicle, choose the best to work on it.

Quality Car Air Conditioning Repairs in Sunshine Coast

Your car’s air conditioning system is important to the comfort of the driver and any passengers. When you have difficulty with the cooling system, riding in the car or truck can become unbearable at times. The system should be monitored regularly and Nambour Car Service can provide you with that service. The shop provides a free a/c inspection to make sure your system is functioning properly. If you notice something that is not right with the cooling system, bring the vehicle into Nambour Car Service immediately for a free diagnostic check. Sometimes, the problem is minor, a fuse possibly. Save yourself money in the long run by having these checks regularly.

Should any work need to be done, Nambour Car Service provides quality car air conditioning repairs in Nambour. Most often, cooling systems will lose their ability to change a vehicle’s interior temperature. This is usually due to a leak in the system and the loss of refrigerant. You need a professional to complete the repair and do it properly. Air conditioning refrigerant is harmful to the environment and only professionals like those at Nambour Car Service have the experience and equipment to complete such repairs. The mechanics will identify the leak, repair it, and add an ultra violet dye so that future leaks can be detected.

Complete Car Repair at Nambour Car Service

Nambour Car Service does more than just car air conditioning repairs in Buderim. They are a complete car repair service performing brake service, engine tune-ups, tyres, clutch repairs, and much more. Every general service customers will receive a thorough brake inspection and learn what percentage of their brake linings remain. Nambour Car Service is fully equipped to complete any repairs on brakes including the machining of discs and brake drums. With brakes and other repairs, Nambour Car Service uses only the best parts.

As an RACQ approved car repair facility, all repairs completed at Nambour Car Service are covered by stateside warranty. Any defective repairs or parts are covered for a period of six months. Customers can also bring their vehicles in for their Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). The shop is an approved inspection station in Nambour and can issue certificates when ordered by the Police or if someone has moved a vehicle to QLD from another state. They also can issue a certificate in instances where someone needs to register an unregistered vehicle or sell a registered second hand vehicle.

For the finest service in Buderim, Nambour, and the Sunshine Coast, visit www.nambourcarservice.com.au or call 07 5441 5922 and schedule service for your vehicle.

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