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Brake Pads, Linings and Shoes


At Nambour Car Service we are fully equipped to service your brakes including the machining of brake drums and disc’s. We only use quality brake parts that we know through experience won’t squeal or shudder.

Brake pads and shoes should be regularly monitored and replaced before they wear out. Squealing and grinding noises will usually indicate that your brakes are completely worn out and need urgent attention.

The life expectancy of brake linings are dependent on driving style, load carrying and road conditions such as driving in hilly areas.

Disc and drum machining should be done with every pad or shoe change unless the disc or drum is excessively worn and needs to be replaced. It is important that a fresh lining runs on a fresh and straight disc/drum surface to ensure maximum contact, minimum noise and no pulsation.

Brake hydraulic systems need regular flushing to ensure that, moisture and corrosion build up won’t damage seals and cause leaks. Any leakage in the brake hydraulic system could be fatal.

In conclusion it is best to have your brakes regularly monitored through general servicing. If you have no idea of their integrity, have them inspected by a professional at Nambour Car Service ASAP.

At Nambour Car Service, with every ‘General Service’ we carry out a thorough brake inspection and provide you with a percentage of brake linings that remain.

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